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Product Information

RealView is a measurement application, which records and plots measured values from analogue hardware devices in real-time. Several curves can be plotted into a single diagram. Several diagrams can be arranged on one or more pages if necessary. Plot options like pen width or pen color can be used to create perfectly styled diagrams.

The new version 2.0 is fully compatible with the older version 1.0.
You can load all older projects and use them within the new version 2.0.

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RealView records and plots your measurement values in real-time. The sample rate can vary from 5 ms up to 30 min. There is no limit in the duration of the measurement. You can display several curves in the same plotter. Each curve can have their own Y-axis or all curves can have the same Y-axis.

You can arrange several plotters side by side, one below the other or on several pages. You can define the colors and design of the plotter just like you want. The curves can also get the color and width you want. This all helps you to create clearly arranged measurements.

After finishing the recording, you can zoom in every region of your curves. With simple mouseclicks you can zoom deep in or out of your curves. Some special zoom functions will always help you to get back, to your latest zoom, or to zoom your curves in an optimum range.


With the Pause-button you can analyse your curves while the recording is running. You can zoom into interesting sections, measure some special regions, and so on. The recording is still running unhindered in the background. A second click on the Pause-button and the curve will be displayed in real-time again.

Special Zoomfunctions
With these special zoomfunctions you can get some optimum display ranges for your curves with just one click.


With the help of the markers, you can examine your curves very accurate. You can place the marker everywhere you want. The differential values in X and Y direction are always displayed.
Setting markers makes it easy to read differential values of a plot, or to determine the amplitude, period or even the integral of a sampled signal.

Automatic functions
With the automatic functions you can start, stop and save your measurements automatically.
You can define a threshold value, and the plotter starts automatically if these value will be reached.
You can determine the measurement duration, and the plotter will stop the measurement.After that, the measurement can be saved, and restart automatically.
With these features, you are able e.g. to split a long-term measurement into several hours or days.

Curves - Channels
Every curve corresponds with a channel in a plotter.
You make the settings for the channel in a clearly arranged dialog. Each channel will be assigned to one single hardware-input. You can set the color, the width, the unit and the name of the channel. The unit can also be provided with an automatic function, so you will ever get well readable values (like 1,23 mV instead of 0,00123 V).
A channel can get his values even from other channels instead of a real hardware-device. So you can create e.g. a power curve as a multiplication of 2 other channels.

Channel list
Every plotter has a channel list on his left side. Here you can add or delete channels, show or hide single channels and edit the properties of each channel.
At the top of the channel list you can always see and change the current sample rate and display rate.
You can show or hide the live-display, which shows you the current value for each channel.
You can also switch between one single Y-axis, or separate Y-axes for each channel.


Each plotter shows in his caption the actual status. You will have any time the most important informations like start time, stop time, number of measurements or used memory.

RealView offers a comfortable preview for the printout.
The preview window shows the diagram of the currently selected plot. You can move the diagram to any position on the paper, where you want it to be printed. Any changes of the print parameters can be seen immediately in the preview..You cann add comments to your printout.
The “Endless-form” option, lets you make a printout of long curves over several pages.

RealView exports measured data for use with other applications like MS-Excel etc. A text file is written, which can be imported and processed by other applications.
The export dialog offers several format options. The preview shows the first three rows of exported data, as they will appear in the written text file.

System Requirements

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What's new in RealView 2.0?

Several Y-axes
You can now display more than one Y-axis and Y-grids in the plotter, if necessary. You can toggle between one common Y-axis for all curves or separate Y-axes for each curve.

Digital displays
You can have digital displays for the actual measurement values on each channel. So you have control over your current measuring, even when the plotter is not running.

The Plotter can be designed by defining his colors for backgrounds, grid, text and so on. You can save your own designs, and use them anytime you need. So you can design your diagrams clear and elegant.

With the project-template you can define the look and the hardwarelist of every new project.

Trigger function
The plotter can be started with a trigger function. You can define a threshold value and the channel, and the plotter will only start after the trigger conditions become true.

Time limitation, saving and restart
The recording time of a plotter can be limited. After the plotter has reached the limitation, the plotter can be saved and restart automatically. This helps you to create periodical measurements.

Improved time-axis
The time-axis is able to display instead of the real time the duration of the measurement. While displaying the real time the time grid was strongly improved, so that the grid is ever using "good" grids, even while long-term measurements.

Endless form
This new function allows a printout of you plot over several pages.

Sampling rate and display rate
The sampling- and display-rates are now always in sight and editable in the plotter. You can set the display rate now down to 20 ms.

Project info
You can add additional informations and comments for each project. The project info will be automatically saved with the project. The project info can be also used while printing out a diagram.

Different cursor-modes
Among the previous normal cursor-mode for navigating within the curves, there are 2 additional cursor-modes. A measuring-mode for analysing your curves and a PAN-mode for moving and zooming.

Integral calculation
RealView can calculate the integral (plane) of a curve in a determined area.

Time range cutting
The time range of a measurement can be cutted. After the cut, only the desired time range is available.

Special zoom functions
The special zoom functions can optimize the display of your curves with one click. You can set for one or for all curves the optimum Y-range, or you can set all curves in one optimum Y-range.


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