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Additional libraries
Here you can download additional libraries with symbols and components for our software product. All libraries were made available by other user for free download.

Publishing your own libraries?
If you created your own components that could be useful for other users, feel free to send them in. We will publish them, so that every one can take advantage of your creations. The best way is to send the following files:

Enclose your files to an e-mail to: [email protected]
(or send a floppy disc by snail mail)

Libraries were packed to ZIP-files to accelerate the download. The ZIP-file contains all necessary files and even subdirectories compressed to a single file. After downloading a ZIP-file, you have to extract it on your hard disc, to get access to the included files. Mostly the WinZip software is used to do that.

Download a free copy of WinZip from if you have no decompression software yet.

Libraries for sPlan 5.0 (or higher)

Both libraries (standard and user) together in one library

Misc. components
Radio components, tubes, etc.

Misc. forms (for the background)
A4-format, landscape

Misc. forms (for the background)
A4 and A3 format, portrait and landscape

Misc. arrows

Misc. components and symbols
CMOS-functions, logic gates, Fishertechnik-components, traffic lights

Libraries for sPlan 4.0 (or higher)

CD 4009,13,17,23,98,46,11,12,94,163,...


Misc. components

Switch cabinet, 74xxx, 40xx

Misc. components, audio, music

Symbols to draw flowcharts

DC/DC and AC/DC-converter (Traco)

Libraries for sPlan 3.0 (only)

Symbols for electrical installations
Sockets, lamps, switches, etc.

Symbols for communications engineering
Transducer, meter, generators, etc.

Operating symbols for switches

Symbols for hydraulics

Misc. symbols
IC-cases, transistors, sensors

Symbols for old radios

Symbols for old tubes

Misc. symbols
Relays, fuses, etc.

Plugs and jacks for Amiga 500

Tubes, FET, transistors, transformer

car electrics


Switches for electrical installations

Relays, motors

CMOS, logic

Libraries for Sprint-Layout 3.0 (or higher)


Misc. components
Relays, plugs, trimmer

DC/DC-converter (Traco)

Toridal transformer

print transformer

Misc. components
Heat sinks, relays, transformer

Libraries for Sprint-Layout 2.0 (or higher)

Misc. components
Braun High-Level components, coils, transistors, relays,
crystal filter, voltage regulator

40 SMD-components

some SMD-components

Libraries for LochMaster 3.0 (or higher)


Flat cable connectors


Board layout for CEBEK C9045 CI (46x71mm)

Libraries for LochMaster 2.0 (or higher)

Misc. components


Misc. heat sinks


DC/DC-converter (Traco)


Toridal transformer


Print transformer


Capacitors (MKT)


Misc. components


Misc. switches


Transistors, voltage regulators

Libraries for ProfiLab 2.0 (or higher)

Standard-macros for Digital-ProfiLab and ProfiLab-Expert
(just like the macros on the CD)

Some CMOS-IC´s as macros (4xxx)

A lot of CMOS-IC´s as macros (4xxx)

Libraries for FrontDesigner 3.0


ESD symbols
Symbols for electrostatic sensitive devices