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Product Information

Digital-ProfiLab was designed for measurement and control applications, combining features like circuit and logic simulation, front panel design, and hardware control to one powerful tool. Incoming signals from external devices may be processed and displayed. A circuit editor is used to enter your application without any programming. The project is controlled from an user-editable front panel. A huge number of components is available from the well-sorted library, and makes it easy to create a measurement or control application within minutes. Even logic simulation is one of the various features. Use Digital-ProfiLab for safe experiments with counters, gates, registers and so on. The logical status of the circuit may be displayed during simulation, so you can easily design, debug and demonstrate your application.

Use Digital-ProfiLab to control model railways, machines, home installations or other professional equipment or simply learn about the basics of logic control. A valuable tool for hobby, profession and education.

The new version 4.0 is full compatible to older versions. You can load and edit your old projects.

Digital-ProfiLab communicates with digital I/O-cards, LPT-Port, COM-Port and external modules. Draw a circuit diagram with logic-components like gates, counters, registers, flip-flops, etc. or connect external hardware to your interface. Interact with the circuit via a front panel with switches, LED, etc. on it. Digital-ProfiLab simulates the circuit and displays the logical states. A logic analyser is integrated, to display the circuits performance.

You create your project just like drawing a wiring diagram. Simply draw the needed components to your project and connect them, just like you want. So there is no limit, except your imagination.

After you have finished your project, you can bring it to life with one click: Your project will be simulated in realtime. All incoming signals will be processed and displayed and all outgoing signals will be generated, just as you have defined it in your project. Of course, you can stop the simulation at any time, to edit your project.

Front panel
One of the most important features of Digital-ProfiLab is the front panel.

The front panel contains all elements to control your application during simulation, so it is like the “face” of your circuit. Control elements like switches, display, LED etc. may be arranged on the front panel. Control elements will appear automatically on the front panel, when you use them within your circuit.
You can design the front panel just like you want. So you can create not only a good working project. You can design a good-looking application!

Logic analyser
The logic analyser displays logical signals of up to eight channels and is useful for demonstrating and debugging circuits. It contains the timing diagram and the control elements of the analyser. Eight digital signals are connectable to the inputs D0...D7 for analysis.

Self-made circuits: macros

Macros are circuits that are used in other circuits, where they appear as a single component. Macros often contain sub-circuits that are used more than once in the main circuit, or functions that are useful for different project. Even macros may contain sub-macros (multistage), so that complex macros can be build from small sub-macros. Macros that are included in a circuit can still be .

modified. Macros may contain control elements that appear on the front panel, but these control elements are not editable, while the main circuit is being edited. If front panel elements of a macro have to be modified, the macro has to be edited. Macros appear like IC-components, so that even TTL-IC functions may be integrated to macros

External hardware control

Digital-ProfiLab can control external hardware device and process incoming and outgoing signals. Even the LPT port offers several input and output pins and several other devices can be connected to the PC to communicate with Digital ProfiLab.


Click here to get a list of the supported hardware.

System Requirements

  • Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP
  • CD-ROM drive

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